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Walkie Stacker

A walkie stacker is a good fit for lighter applications, small warehouses, and machine shops. A walkie stacker forklift allows for maneuvering in tight locations. Small pallet trucks like a walkie stacker will work very well in loading dock applications, and can save big money over using a sitdown type truck to do the same job. Walkie stacker capacities to 5,000 lbs. will move most common products. Consider a walkie stacker for your loading and storing applications.

Used Walkie Stacker & Walkie Stacker Rental

Consider a walkie stacker forklift when working in tight areas and short travel distances. A used walkie stacker will save you money. We carry walkie stackers from top brands such as Yale, Crown, and Big Joe. Contact us to discuss your needs. Whether new or used we have the right walkie stacker for your application.

Yale Walkie Stacker

The Yale Walkie Stacker line features capacities over 5,000 lbs. The Yale Walkie Stacker / walk behind forklift is built for reliability, high performance, and easy maneuvering.

Crown Walkie Stacker

Crown has a full line of versatile walkie stackers to choose from depending on your specific application. A Crown Walkie Stacker is good option for those considering cost. Crown Walkie stackers have capacity 2,000-4,000 lbs.

Big Joe Walkie Stacker

Big Joe's line of walkie stackers are "built to last and do work fast". Big Joe walkie stackers feature 2,000-4,000 lb capacity.

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