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Forklift Battery and Forklift Charger

This is the heart of your electric forklift. Keeping your electric forklift battery and forklift charger in top operating condition is vital to product flow through your facility.

We can spec a New or Used battery / charger for FREE.  800-378- 9500

Batteries for Electric Forklift Brands:

Toyota Forklift Battery - Used Toyota Forklift Batteries

Crown Forklift Battery - Used Crown Forklift Batteries

Clark Forklift Battery -  Used Clark Forklift Batteries

Yale Forklift Battery- Used Yale Forklift Batteries

Hyster Forklift Battery - Used Hyster Forklift Batteries

Forklift Battery Manufacturers:

Exide forklift batteries

Bulldog forklift batteries

Powerflo forklift batteries

Giant Battery forklift batteries

BBI Battery forklift batteries

Yuasa Battery forklift batteries

C&D forklift battery & chargers

Forklift Battery for Sale, Lease, or Rent:

  • Forklift Battery for Sale
  • Used Forklift Battery
  • Reconditioned Forklift Battery
  • Electric Forklift Battery / Electric Forklift Chargers

Some of the electric forklift battery manufactures we represent are:

  • Bulldog Forklift Battery
  • Battery Builders, Inc.
  • Hobart Forklift Battery
  • Amtek Forklift Battery
  • Quick-Charge

We offer free user application surveys to determine which products are best suited for your operation.

Related Forklift Battery Charger Products and Services

  • Acid Spill Containment
  • Automatic Watering Systems
  • Forklift Battery Changing Systems
  • Forklift Battery Condition Inspections with Written Report
  • Forklift Battery Room Design
  • Forklift Battery Washing Systems
  • Jib Cranes
  • Overhead Cranes

Let us assist you with your forklift battery and charger requirements.

U.S. Lift and Warehouse Equipment, Inc.
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