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Reach Forklift

What is a Reach Forklift?

A reach forklift is a forklift designed to be narrower than the standard forklift. When increasing storage space is critical, consider using narrow aisle reach forklift. You can shrink your aisles from a conventional size of 12' down to 8' or 9'- a considerable increase in storage capacity with a narrow aisle reach forklift.

Stand Up Reach Forklift

Stand up reach forklifts are designed so that the operator is in a standing position. This design allows the reach forklift to be even smaller.

High Reach Forklift / Double Reach Forklift

Also available are double deep reach forklifts that will give you an additional 35% storage increase over a standard stand up reach forklift.


Used Reach Forklift & Rental

Our professional sales staff can design a layout that best suits your needs. We have new and used reach forklifts for sale, as well as reach forklift rental and reach forklift training. Please contact us to show you how much additional storage capacity we can obtain in your warehouse. We are located in the Chicago land area.
Reach Forklift Brands:

Raymond Reach Forklift
Raymond reach forklifts are designed to be productive. The Raymond Model 7700 Reach forklift allows the operator to sit or stand with an adjustable seat. It has a capacity of 3200 lbs and can lift to 37 feet. To get more specifications about other Raymond reach forklift products call us today.

Crown Reach Forklift
Crown has developed a line of narrow aisle reach trucks with capacities ranging from 3000lb to 4500lb! Their reach forklift line includes the RM 6000S Series, a high reach forklift that can reach up to 42 feet. To learn more about other Crown Reach Forklift products call us today.

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