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US Lift and Warehouse Equipment, Inc.
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Pneumatic Forklift

When outdoors and rough terrain applications come into play, pneumatic forklifts are the answer. Designed to operate in all types of outdoor weather and conditions, a pneumatic forklift will get the job done. High ground clearance and wide visibility of a pneumatic tire forklift allows you to go where cushion tire lift trucks can't. Whether it is lumber, concrete, or other outdoor application, pneumatic forklifts are the solution.

With capacities form 3,000 to 150,000 lbs. we can get it moved. Powered by l.p. gas, gasoline, or diesel, pneumatic forklifts have the power to pull through the roughest terrain. Equipped with cabs, pneumatic forklifts can be year round outdoor lift trucks.

Looking for a new or used pneumatic forklift? We have the right pneumatic tire forklift for sale to work in your application.

Call us to set an appointment so we can spec out the proper unit for your facility. We are located in the Chicago land area.

U.S. Lift and Warehouse Equipment, Inc.
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