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Komatsu Forklift

Komatsu Forklift History

Komatsu Forklift heritage dates back to 1921 in Japan, when Komatsu was a construction and mining equipment manufacturer. At first, they build the first modern bulldozers and tractors in Japan, and eventually now creates innovative and high tech lift trucks. Komatsu Forklift is a leading manufacturer of durable and reliable forklifts to meet the needs of their customers. Komatsu Forklift trucks care about providing superior quality lift trucks with a dedicated dealer network. Because we care about quality and customer satisfaction, US Lift is proud to be a Komatsu Forklift dealer, providing Komatsu lift trucks and related forklift services to the Chicago area.

Komatsu Forklift Services

We provide many different premium Komatsu forklift services to the Chicago area. Whether you are looking for a used or new Komatsu forklift for sale, or for Komatsu forklift rental, US Lift always has many differ Komatsu forklift models and Komatsu forklift services to fit your specific needs. Komatsu forklift services we provide include Komatsu forklift parts, Komatsu forklift repair, financing, fleet analysis, emission testing, Komatsu forklift battery services, gas cylinder services, and wear analysis. For more information about our many Komatsu forklift services, call US Lift.

Used Komatsu Forklift

US Lift is a Komatsu forklift dealer offering used Komatsu forklifts for sale in the Chicago suburban area. We have many different Komatsu forklift models in stock including Komatsu diesel forklifts, Komatsu 25 forklifts, and Komatsu 30 forklifts. We can provide you with premium customer service and quality used Komatsu forklifts for your projects at an affordable price. Call us for more information about our used Komatsu forklift prices and models.

Komatsu Forklift Parts

We have a large supply of Komatsu forklift parts at our Elk Grove Village, Illinois warehouse. With our many Komatsu electric forklift products, you are sure to find the part you need to make sure your lift truck equipment is running efficiently. We have many Komatsu forklift parts for a variety of models, and our experienced staff will help make sure you can find the part you need quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to find your Komatsu forklift parts.

Komatsu Forklift Rental

For Komatsu forklift rental in the Chicago area choose US Lift in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. With our prompt, same day delivery and wide variety of Komatsu electric forklifts, we can ensure that you have a hassle free, easy forklift rental process. Our Komatsu forklift rentals come in many makes and models and can hold up to 60,000 pounds. At any time, US Lift has more than 600 reconditioned, used, and new Komatsu electric forklifts in stock at our warehouse. Whatever your time restraint or price range may be, US Lift will be sure to find a Komatsu forklift for rent to fit your needs. Call US Lift today to hear more about our Komatsu forklifts for rent in stock.

Komatsu Forklift Repair

At US Lift, we offer superior Komatsu forklift repair services to Chicago and its surrounding suburban area. Our expert technicians are trained and experienced to maintain and repair Komatsu forklifts. Our reliable repairmen can be there for whatever emergency you may have with our 24 hour and same day service options. Our large van fleet is constantly stocked with Komatsu forklift parts with forklift repair tools to provide you with the best forklift repair services. We also have an Elk Grove Village Komatsu forklift shop for more extensive repairs. Our forklift repair prices are affordable and competitive with reduced forklift rental rates while your Komatsu forklift is being services. Call us today for Komatsu forklift repair in Chicago!

Komatsu Forklift Training

The OSHA mandates that employees operating powered industrial truck equipment such as forklifts must undergo specific safety training. Only trained operators can be permitted to operate forklifts and to avoid fines, companies must ensure that their workers have undergone sufficient training. US Lift provides Komatsu forklift training to Chicago area businesses

Komatsu Forklift Battery Services

Our wide variety of Komatsu forklift battery services will help make sure your forklift batteries and chargers are running at peak condition to help ensure high productivity for your current project. Whether you are looking to buy or lease Komatsu forklift battery products, US Lift has the wide selection you need for quality high performing Komatsu forklift batteries. We provide used, new, and reconditioned batteries and chargers to help make your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Call us today!

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