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Electric Forklift

When quiet and emission free operation is required, an electric forklift can't be beat. With new AC technology the efficiencies of an electric forklift have improved considerably. Electric forklifts have fewer moving parts than I.C. forklifts, so maintenance is less costly, and wear items are fewer to replace.  The power and speed range of electric forklifts are similar to I.C. forklifts. An electric forklift is capable of working in any indoor application that a cushion tire forklift works. Self diagnostics controllers are standard equipment on all late model electric forklifts.

Capacities from 3,000 to 35,000 lbs., there is an electric forklift to do almost every job, from top brands such as Clark and Yale.  Battery technology has advanced to the point that electric forklifts and l.p. gas forklifts perform similarly in the same applications. Also, electric forklifts are less expensive to power than I.C. forklifts, giving you equal run time for less energy costs.

Used Electric Forklift & Rental

Looking for a used electric forklift or electric forklift rental? Available in 36 and 48 volt units, we can spec the proper electric forklift for sale or rental.

Electric Forklift Brands:

Toyota Electric Forklift - Clark Electric Forklift - Yale Electric Forklift

Hyster Electric Forklift - Crown Electric Forklift - Nissan Electric Forklift

Caterpillar Electric Forklift

Call us today for a visit to survey your plant. We are located in the Chicago land area. 

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